Use ZX81 programs on various computer systems.

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Categorised games and applications.

Keyboard layout

Keys for some ZX81-games.


Various ZX81 related tools for PC and ST.

ZX81 vs. Amiga

Which computer is the better choice: Amiga or ZX81? Don't take it too seriously...

ZX81 vs. PC486

Published in the International ZX81 Magazine: ZX81 versus 486PC


ZX81 Homepage

The ZX81 was my first computer although I never did something serious with it. At that time, it was the cheapest one available, selling off for about 49 DM (the C64 cost six times more) at a computer store. Later I discovered a ZX81 emulator for the Atari ST on a cover disc. That's why I made this page in the first place, to offer visitors theme packages of ZX81 games and applications.
Ja mata ne,


The German ZX81 Team is a still active group of ZX81 enthusiasts. They produced some fine hardware extensions: A ZX81 with a LC display? Everything seems to be possible.


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