My Computer Programs

You can find all of my programs on these pages. This section currently contains programs for Mac OS X, Windows, Atari ST, Portfolio, ABC80, Dragon 32 and Commodore 16/+4/64/128/VC20, Colour Genie, CPC, P2000 and ZX81.

New: Whirl (Atari ST; Esoteric programming language; 31.8.2005)

Whirl is an esoteric programming language created by Sean Heber. The instruction set is rather limited: 0 and 1. But it is perfectly possible to create little programs with it! Source code, two example programs and a short manual are included in the archive.

New: Wierd (Mac OS X; Esoteric programming language; 02.02.2005)

A port of Wierd for Mac OS X - a graphically working programming language with degrees.

New: Blank (Mac OS X; Esoteric programming language; 02.02.2005)

Blank is a combination of the esoteric languages Befunge, False and Brainf*ck in one application.

Update: E.C.I. (Atari ST; Fun; 15.1.2004)

The archive of the fun program now includes the source code and an updated readme txt.

Neu: Kon-ton (Atari ST; Fun; 6.1.2004)
My entry for the GemCandy programming competition. Kon-ton is a fun program, a "toy" that should hopefully bring a smile to your face. Only one message will be displayed. If you click on one of the buttons or the "closer" the program will quit. The program displays error messages from windows system on your system. You can also add new messages by editing the resource file. The program name is japanese and means "chaos" or "disorder".

HomePage Penguin

The HomePage Penguin was the first program to create web sites with an Atari ST. Programmed in 1996 it was my first published program (together with HTML-Help) and my only program which was distributed commercially for a while.


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