The Metal Pengos

A one-time music project - Schweinepest, the album.


Java games featuring penguins.


The (slightly different) Milan homepage.

Penguin Navigator 2.0

The ultimate web browser.

Windows 97 (from 1996)

The ultimate operating system.

Silent Night

About this track

A more or less accurate cover version of Silent Night edited to fit the wild style of the Metal Pengos. Not suitable for children.


Silent Night,
holy night,
all is calm,
all is bright.

(loud chaotic shouts)
Silent Night, holy night...
all is calm, all is bright...
Only santa claus is awake

Unter dem Baum tot im Wald
liegt ein Mann abgeknallt
Es hat geknallt!

Ja, der Weihnachtsmann ist tot,
erschossen vom lieben Kind.
Hat den Mann abgeknallt!

Silent night, holy night...

Und was aus dem Weihnachtsmann geworden ist?
Ein zerfressener Leichnam und sonst nichts!


  1. Welcome to the Metal Pengos (Instrumental)
  2. Pope's Dead
  3. Neighbours (MP3)
  4. Hangin' Tough
  5. Pig desease - 1st Take (MP3)
  6. Punika & Scratchmania
  7. (Subterranean) Homesick Blues (MP3)
  8. Monster on the Highway (MP3)
  9. C'est l'amour (MP3)
  10. Silent Night (MP3)
  11. Pig desease - 2nd Take
  12. Bad Times!

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