The Joke

Life as a street sweeper is quite hard: bad behaving persons passing by who just throw their trash onto the street keep the sweeper busy. But on this day, something different happens and a postman delivers a very funny letter to the street sweeper.

It was a cold winter's day and the filming was therefore not a very pleasant memory.
In 1995 I wrote down about twenty ideas for short films. It became soon obvious that it is not an easy task to make longer films (over ten minutes). Another film from this idea collection was The Robbery which was filmed on the same day as .
Actually shot in January 1996, this short film was later aired together with Indy (Director's Cut).
Type of film
Realistic, three actors.

The Joke

D 1996, 4 min.
Original title: Der Witz
Language: German
Setting: Hamburg
Music: -
Format: PAL SVHS, HiFi Stereo
Cut: Analogue
Camera: Matthias Jaap
Actors: Jan Twesten (passer-by), Daniel I. (street sweeper), Rufus Witt (postman)
Broadcast date: 19.03.1998 21:30 Uhr Offener Kanal Hamburg


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